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BHS-TV 2015-2016

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8-20-15 Episode 1

Check out our

intro video!

BHS Searchlight, Junior Commons

Good Eats, The Know, Lip Sync


9-8-15 Episode 2

Literacy Day, Testing the Teachers

Groundskeeper, Chef Ray, The Know

9-19-15 Episode 3

Alumni Legends, Junior Commons

School Spirit Promo

10-1-15 Episode 4

Homecoming Court/ Dance Promo

Test the Teachers, Time4Tech

10-16-15 Episode 5

Ten-Men's Acapella, Fine Arts

The Know

10-31-15 Episode 6

The B-Squad, BHS-TV Halloween


11-24-15 Episode 7

Active Shooter Drill, HARPO

Studios, Wrestling, CTE Month

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