238 Studios has proudly accepted

50 Student Excellence Awards

including 27 Crystal Pillars.

As well as 40 CTEC Awards

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It will be

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Outstanding Technology Award

Chevy commercial contest winners

O.A.R. "This Town" Contest Winners.

Rihanna "Shine Bright like a Diamon"

contest winners

"Magic by B.H.S." placed 2nd in the

2010 International Savannah Film Fest

Student Award Winners include:

Brad Smith

Alex Elich

Gabe Gilden

Elizabeth Kahn

John Bach

Austin Czarnecki

Abe Solberg

Morgan Hunter

Conor Kelch

Zach Dulla

Tyler Mitchell

Charlie Kingwill

Sam Powell

Matt Weidner

Peter Chung

Andy Norbeck

Dillon Schneider

Jackie Rubashkin

Randy Lorenz

Rob Weidner

Conor Stickney

Brad Kopp

Katie Tueber

Cam Good

Olivia Arns

Mark Minner

Chris Tessarolo

Peter Chung

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